Blogger's Beauty Brawl Day 2: A Brow Product Review

7 Jun 2016

Hi, Friends! Welcome back to day two of the Blogger's Beauty Brawl! Today's card is for an eyebrow product which I surprisingly have very little of in my collection. While browsing around Shopper's to look for some makeup for graduation, my friend came across this intriguing product called the No Bare Brows Universal 4-in-1 Brow Fix. At first, I laughed at it because there is no way all eyebrow shades can fall under one colour, however, I'm an impulse buyer and self-controlless Mikayla thought she better try it out before I got the last laugh. Let's get into the specifics on the card, shall we?

Product: For the product I gave this pencil a 90 out of 100. The pencil itself is a creamy and slightly waxy shade of brown that first comes out as very sheer with a clear setting wax at the opposite end. They also include a brush and a sharpener as attachments instead of the clear lid as shown. As the instructions read to simply apply more or less of the coloured side depending on how dark need your eyebrows to be, and then go over them to smooth them down. Easy enough, right? I have to say that I quite like this despite my initial thoughts! I normally use a powder to fill in my brows so it was a little tricky to get the amount of colour payoff that I'm used to, but a couple of thin layers did a nice job at matching and taming my brows. I didn't have to use much of the wax as the pencil itself is very waxy and smooths everything down when you're applying. The waxy texture is also something I don't really like about this product which is why I had to mark it down a little. I found that in order to get the right shade, I had to apply many layers which sat on top of my brow instead of on the skin like a powder and brush usually do. This was fix by brushing them out a few times but definitely was an extra step in the end. 

Packaging: For this category I have given my first 100! The packaging itself is very simple but elegant with the rose gold writing and separator for the two ends of the pencil. I love that I don't have to switch products in the morning or have an extra brush handy as everything I need is right on the pencil as well!

Price: I gave this a 70% as I feel like there could be more product for the $15 or $20 I paid for this. Each side of this pencil is .5 grams for reference which is tiny compared to even some eyeliners and other brow products that I have purchased. I found that because the coloured side is so creamy it gets dull very fast and I feel like I'm losing so much product every time I have to sharpen it. If I'm looking at the value, I have to say that a powder or eyebrow pencil only looks more promising for the money. Would I buy this again? Although it's a fabulous product and a great treat for myself I'm probably going to have to say no. I've been using my power to fill in my brows every day for about two years and haven't made a dent so as a university student, I think that there are definitely more cost efficient options to have great brows out there.

I hope that you're all enjoying the Brawl so far, it's been really fun to bring all of these products to you so far! To continue the fun head on over to Beth at Beth Eleanor Beauty to see what product she has picked out. See you tomorrow for day three!

With love,

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