Blogger's Beauty Brawl Day 7: Lipstick Review

12 Jun 2016

Hi, Everyone! Welcome back to Day Seven to the Beauty Blogger Brawl! It's been one heck of a week filled with awesome products, and I have been loving reading them all! Today our card is for a lipstick review, and like my blush, I had a hard time picking just one. I have a lipstick addiction and I would seriously make a card for every one that I own, so to spare you from reading all of that, I have narrowed it down to a lipstick in my favourite shade, red! Let's take a look!

For today's card, I will be reviewing Rimmel's Apocalips in Big Bang. If anybody knows me IRL, they know that I love love love my red lippies so it's probably not that big of a surprise that I've picked one to include in the Brawl. Let's take a look at what I've scored it at, shall we?

Product: I own so many different red lippies but this is the first liquid shade that I've owned and I'm still trying to get a grip on applying it the right way. The lipstick itself is a gorgeous bright red shade on the blue toned spectrum of red shades. This is my personal preference because if I'm going bold, I'm going bright as I can and getting out of my comfort zone of neutral colours. The formula is very sticky, and although I'm not usually a fan of this, it sits beautifully on the lips. I think that this helps with the lasting powder because I was shocked by how long it lasts. I've used this with and without a lip liner and each has given me great results. The application I'm going to say is the downside for me because the brush is so big and awkward for my lips. In order to get a precise and less messy application, I take another lip brush and dip it into the strange little hole in the brush where the product gathers. Otherwise, this gets all over my face and it's not easy to fix.

Packaging: I really love how Rimmel has packaged these lipsticks! For each shade, the bottle is slightly different and features the shade of the lipstick on the outside. In my case, the packaging is a very sleek black with sort of ombre red at the bottom. I love the gold writing as it stands out against the bright red. The only thing I can't get over with this product is the brush because it's seriously awful! I wasn't born with Kardashian status lips so the brush is way too big to get a precise application, and ends up leaving my face a mess instead. I would love to just apply with the brush on the cap, but I have to use another brush just to get it to look nice making touch ups almost impossible without getting it everywhere. It's a great product, otherwise!

Price: I purchased this as Target was liquidating their makeup section so I believe I paid 50% the price for it. By looking at other reviews of these lipsticks, it would seem that they retail for about 9 or 10 dollars, though. This is generally what most lipsticks at the drugstore would cost if they aren't super fancy so I would pay full price for it! The formula makes it worth every penny, in my opinion.

I hope that you've enjoyed Day Seven of the Brawl! Head on over to Beth's blog to check out what she has for us, or search #BeautyBrawl16 on Twitter or Instagram to check out the rest of today's posts. Only three more products left to go! See you tomorrow!

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