Blogger's Beauty Brawl Day 5: Eyeshadow Palette Review

10 Jun 2016

Hi, Friends! Welcome back to day five! Today is an exciting day as we've officially hit the half way point for the brawl. It's going by so quickly that I can't believe we are almost finished. Don't be sad, though, because we have five more days of awesome products ahead! For today's card, we will be reviewing eyeshadow palettes. I don't really own many that I haven't already talked your ear off about so I went ahead and splurged on a new palette that I'm super excited about. Let's take a look at my pick, shall we?

This is Stila's Eye's Are the Window Palette in Soul. I wasn't originally going to buy this palette, however, I'm so glad that I did now! When I set out to purchase a palette, I had my eyes only on Tarte's Tartelette in Bloom Palette. However, it was sold out both online and in store at local Sephora and I was unable to purchase it as planned. Sadness cheeseburgers. I headed to my local Shopper's where I roamed both the drugstore makeup aisle, as well as the higher end section for what seemed like days before I noticed this little gem. I wasn't originally sold on it but as I wandered around more, I realised that not only did it have many of the same shades that I liked in the Tarte palette, but it also has some similar colours to some MAC eyeshadows on my list. I knew I had to have it then. Let's take a look at its scores:

Product: I've never tried any Stila eyeshadows before, but it didn't take very long to realise how amazing they are. All of the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented as you can tell by the swatches, including the one closest to my skin tone. They apply like a dream and blend beautifully as well! I've been wearing shadows from this palette ever since I got it, usually with an NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil and each shade has lasted the whole day with no creasing! Hooray! I also love how versatile the shades are as I've created so many looks using just this palette alone. I can tell it's going to be so handy in the future, and I recommend it to anybody looking to branch out their palette collection!

Packaging: The case for this palette is a beautiful mirrored rose gold, which is stunning when it's not full of finger prints. That's the only downside to the packaging that I have found as I can be so careful only to have it looking dirty. I've just been taking a clean dry cloth to wipe it down and it seems to do the trick to making it shiny again, though. The mirror is gigantic, similar to the bronzer that I have reviewed for the Brawl. I have found this to be very handy when creating looks with this palette as I don't have to switch out my brush for a mirror everytime I need to blend. I haven't travelled with this palette but it's not very heavy and with the mirror and shade range, I feel like it would be the perfect palette to bring on trips if you love your shadow options like I do.

Price: I believe I paid around $60 dollars for this palette making each eyeshadow about $5 each. For eyeshadows that pigmented and beautiful, I'm going to call it a steal. It's definitely not something that I would run out and spend the money on every day, but for a little present to myself, I'm so happy with it.

Overall, I'm so happy with this purchase even if I really wanted the Tarte Palette. I'm not the best at taking pictures of me applying makeup, but if you would like to see some of the looks I've come up with so far, leave a comment below and I can definitely try my best! Hope to see you tomorrow for day six with a pretty great blush review! Keep the review going by checking out Beth's blog to see what she's come up with!

With Love,

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