Blogger's Beauty Brawl Day 4: Bronzer Review

9 Jun 2016

Hi, Friends! Welcome back to day four of the Blogger Beauty Brawl! Today's review is a bronzer and if I'm being honest, picking just one was so difficult for me! I've been blessed with the skin colour closest to our friendly Caspar the Ghost and finding a bronzer that doesn't look orange or muddy has been tough. In my collection, I've got quite a few favourites that are perfect for my pale skin, but I've talked your ear off about most of them already. I was looking in my makeup drawer and I happened to come across something old but amazing for you so let's check out today's card!

This is Revlon's Terra Solare Bronzer in 01 (Amber), and I believe it was part of a limited edition collection that came from Europe that had three shades. I happened to find in the 50% section by chance one day and was pretty excited to take it home! 

Product: For the product category, I gave this a 90! For starters, this thing has a whopping 30 grammes of product and is by far the biggest compact I own. I'll get to how I feel about this later in the packaging section but it definitely makes it easier to apply when it's a giant circle and not a skinny little square. The bronzer is a very warm shade that I think will be perfect for summer. It's a very buttery formula that melts into your skin as you apply and doesn't look powdery at all! It's got great pigmentation but I would be careful if you have this because a little goes such a long way. The first couple of times I used this, I went overboard and looked like I was trying to pull off some Jersey Shore look. I do have to say that this looks very natural though if you go with a light hand and take your time with the blending. I just wish that this wasn't a limited edition product so I had to mark it down a little because of that.

Packaging: As much as I love the shape for its easy application, I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging so I had to give it an 85. Considering this bronzer is so large and heavy, it's not very makeup bag friendly. I've found myself reaching for the more compact bronzers instead which is a bummer because this stuff is so stinking good. With that being said, I am a fan of the black on gold as it makes the bronzer look so much more elegant and luxurious that it is. I promise my label did look better but it sort of rubbed up while I was cleaning it for pictures. I think that it still looks pretty great, though. I also really like that Revlon used the size and  space of the compact wisely by including a giant mirror. I have used this in a pinch when I have forgotten a full sized mirror and it's much better than looking into a tiny eye palette mirror to do your whole face, let me tell you!

Price: For price, I gave this a 95! I believe that this sold for $15 dollars originally but I found it for 50% like I mentioned! Normally most Revlon bronzers will cost you around $15-20 dollars for 5 grammes of the product but for 30 grammes this was a total steal! I would still pay the original price if I had to though because I can't see myself running out of this for a very long time!(Unless of course, I want to go for the Snooki circa 2009 look.)

Hope that you enjoyed my review for day four! Tomorrow's card is a product that I have been obsessed with since I purchased it, so I hope to see you back for Day 5! Keep the Brawl going by heading over to Beth's blog to see what she has picked out!

With Love,
Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts? If not, tell me your favourite bronzer in the comments below!

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