Blogger's Beauty Brawl Day 3: Primer Review

8 Jun 2016

Hi, Everyone! Today is day three of the Blogger's Beauty Brawl and I'm bringing you a review of a product that I featured briefly in my Skin Care Routine post back in March. In that post, you would have noticed that I included Nivea Men's Sensitive Skin After Shave Balm. I know what you're probably thinking because I had the same thoughts when I came across it on Pinterest and Youtube. Mikayla, why the heck do you have that in your skincare line up? Rest asure however, that you will want to try this too when I'm finished because this stuff is seriously a game changer for makeup! Let's take a look at today's card!

Product: For product I gave it an overall 95. The balm itself is a very water-y consistency that feels light on the skin and dries to be slightly tacky. I mention this because if you're looking for something that is going to be baby soft and smoothing than this definitely isn't the product for you. Although my makeup does go on pretty smooth while using this, it doesn't minimize pores or anything because keep this in mind, it's not really suppose to do that. What a perfect product this would be if it did that, though! I have also noticed that it offers more moisturization underneath heavier makeup which is a nice bonus! Although it's meant for sensitive skin, it does have a scent that I can only describe as "man". It's not overpowering or anything but I do notice it when I'm first applying it and doesn't last long. I haven't noticed any reactions on my more sensitive areas like my cheeks so I didn't take away points for that. 

Packaging: I gave this an 80 because I felt like compared to other bottles if primers I have, this one is definitely the most annoying to travel with. It's a very heavy glass container and for somebody who is prone to breaking things, I doubted it would last long. Luckily I haven't gone too far with it yet so it's stayed in tack! It also does not have a pump which means not being able to control the amount of product you are getting tipping it upside down each use. I've accidentally gone overboard with pouring on the back of my hand a few times so if you're going to try this out, be careful! With all that being said, I do love the look of the bottle! It looks very sleek next to everything I have on my makeup box and doesn't stand out too much. The box made it seem very clunky but that's not the case at all! I also really like that it's white as most Nivea men's items are either dark blue or black so you can't even tell it's meant for men unless you read it up close. 

Price: I had to give this a 100! I believe I bought this for around $8 or $9 dollars at Walmart which is complete steal in my books! I usually have to shell out almost $20 dollars for some of my drugstore primer favourites and they have so much less than what you are getting here. I've had this for many months now and haven't even reached the half way point so I'm very happy about that. I was a little on the rocks about wasting my money on something that wouldn't actually work out but I'm glad that I jumped on the bandwagon because this stuff is seriously amazing! 

Want to read more of the Brawl? Head over to Beth's blog to check out what she has for us! See you tomorrow for a product that I'm really excited about!

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