John Frieda VoxBox Review

13 Apr 2016

Hi, Friends! Today, I wanted to talk about something awesome that I recently received in the mail to test out! While I was browsing around Influencer a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that they had a new VoxBox campaign up partnering with John Frieda for his new product launch. In the past, I have used some of their Sheer Blonde and Frizz Ease products and have had some great hair days with them so I figured I would apply and see what the new ones were all about. I'm always on the hunt for my holy grail shampoo and conditioner combination but haven't quite found it yet so I was excited to put this one to the test and bring you the results! 

John Frieda Sheer Blond Hi-Impact Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner

When you get your VoxBox, you'll get it in a cute little box that I have to admit was very tough to open, but if I'm being honest, that is probably all me. Inside is the John Frieda Sheer Blond Hi-Impact Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Oil Elixir. They also provide you with a little insert of the claims and benefits of the products as well as further instructions for what to do next on the Influencer site! I really liked how neat visually appearing everything is so A+ for the packaging! First, let's talk about what the products are all about! From the little pamphlet that came with the box, the collection is supposed to reverse the look and feel of damage and protect colour. It also aims to rejuvenate, moisturise and restore vibrancy for natural, highlighted, or colour treated blondes. Now how do I fit into these categories? I have dirty blond hair with blond (slightly overgrown) highlights!I also have dryish hair as well so I'm always in need of that little extra moisture boost. Usually, I tend to keep up with my highlights but they've been growing out for a few months giving me a really interesting ombre effect without the effort so I've let it slide #lazy. 

I wanted to bring you the most honest review so I used everything in the collection for a total of five days where I completely styled my hair. I also had two days of no washing to test out the amount of oil my hair. I hate not washing my hair but I was committed, to say the least.  No other hair products were used this week. The shampoo and conditioner are clear and white, which I was really surprised about because I normally associate blue shampoo with products meant to restore and rejuvenate colour but whatever gets the job done, I guess. I have to warn you though that you need to make sure that you completely recap the shampoo after use or else it will leak everywhere. I think I lost a good three or four uses out of it on the last day that I was testing it out because of this, and I was so sad cleaning up the mess. They retail for about $8.97 each so if you want to make the most out of shampoo then don't do what I did! 
After a few days of using the collection! I was in love with how smooth and shiny my hair was this day.
Overall, I think that this is a great line of products even if my photo doesn't do them any justice. One of the things that I loved the most is the scent that lingers after you've styled your hair. It's this floral-y scent that smells so clean, and I even noticed it on the days that I hadn't washed my hair so I was surprised. I was having a rough hair week before I started testing this out where every shampoo left my hair greasy but a good scrub with the shampoo and a light amount of condition and oil left my hair feeling and looking so clean! I was nervous about using the oil because my hair doesn't usually react well with most but this didn't leave my hair looking greasy at all! My hair just looked smooth and shiny so I was really happy about that.

Although I think that having more recently coloured hair would have given better results, I definitely noticed an overall brightness in the areas of blond in my hair. It wasn't a crazy amount but my hair was looking quite dull beforehand so having the little boost was fine by me. I can't really comment on colour protection because my hair is too far gone for that now but I feel like this would help if I had fresh highlights so I will retest this claim when I get them done before my university graduation next month! s it HG status? Maybe! Five days isn't really enough time to say yes or no but for now, I am loving this! 

Did you receive or purchase this collection? What were your thoughts?

With love,
*Disclaimer: This box and all of its contents were sent to me for reviewing purposes by Influencer. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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