How I Edit My Blog/Instagram Pictures

6 Apr 2016

Hello, Friends! I promise that I haven't given up on my blog that easily! I've been extremely busy with the end of the semester school load and trying to move into my new apartment so I apologise for missing a post! I really can't wait for the end of the month when I can be settled into my new place with no school to worry about until the fall :D Today, I wanted to chat about editing photos because I love to find new ways to make my pictures look the best. I don't use anything fancy at the moment but I've definitely learned how to be inventive in making sure my pictures are the best they can be.

For equipment, I use my trusty iPhone 5S because thats all I have to work with. I also have Fujifilm camera that is decent for taking photos but Im not the biggest fan of it. My iPhone is my preferred method for just about all of my blog pictures because I feel like I have more control with features. With the native camera app, I can easily focus in on objects to get the perfect lighting which is a downfall with my point and shoot. I tend to use it more if I'm taking general pictures that don't need to have a specific focus on products and it works well. Another reason I love just using my phone is because I have all the apps for editing right on hand and I can fix up my pictures in less than ten minutes! I plan on purchasing a better quality camera in the future but as a student, I have much more important things to worry about like rent and groceries so I'm fine just using the basics for now!

YouCam Makeup
A Color Story
When it comes to editing my photos, I just do the very basics to keep the photo as natural as possible. I just used to use the app Afterlight to edit my photos for everything but I've recently found A Color Story and have been loving that as well!. They both have very similar basic features that I think are crucial to editings such as brightness and exposure. However, A Color Story has this feature similar to Photoshop called Curves that I regularly use because you can put just the right amount of light into your pictures. I mainly use this when I haven't taken my pictures in natural lighting. Once I get everything looking uniform and I'm satisfied with the final product, I send them to my email and open them up in Photoshop to re-size them. I usually do 550/560 so they aren't too big for the width of my blogger theme. Other applications I use are Retouch to get rid of any unwanted objects that may have snuck their way into the background but I haven't really needed this yet. It makes things completely disappear which is really fun to play with.

For Instagram photos, I don't do anything that is that much different. I'll do everything mentioned above and then go on Afterlight to use one of their filters because I find it gives me more options than Instagram. I also frame my photos so this gives me the chance to add the filter before I frame to keep it nice and white. If it's a selfie, I will use Facetune or YouCam to take away any blemishes but that's about it. 

It’s a thirty-minute process from start to finish but I find it so relaxing! Plus, I love setting up props and finding different backgrounds to use for my pictures.

What do you use to edit your photos? Let me know below :)

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