Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation First Impression + Mini Review

29 Mar 2016

Hello, Friends! Remember how I said I was on a no makeup buy quite a few posts ago? Well, I did a bad thing... again. I was at Superstore (A grocery store chain for those non-Canadian) with my mom and twin sister on a boring Saturday and we were browsing the cosmetic section when I saw a little display for what I thought might have been a newer foundation by Rimmel. It turns out that the pretty and simplistic packaging was just a relaunch with some new products added as a little sale decoy, but it worked, to say the least. In the past, I haven't had the best luck with Rimmel foundations because I find my yellow undertone and fair skin to not match up very well with any of their shades offered. I also have had terrible oxidation from shades that should have worked out so I was a little hesitant to spend the money and walked away. However, curiosity killed the cat as they say because I have loved their Match Perfection concealer for years and wondered if their matching foundation would live up to its concealer partners hype. I've also really liked their Wake Me Up Foundation in the past so I think that also helped my decision. Did satisfaction bring the cat back? Let's find out!
I'm sure the price range from store to store is a little different but I picked this up for $10.99. From my experiences in the cosmetic section at Superstore, this seems to be pretty cheap as many L'Oreal and Revlon products range from $15 to $20 or more for 1FL of a foundation.
Shade Range:
This foundation like many of their foundation comes in some of the strangest shades I've ever seen. Usually, I'm about the first lightest color in a range or the second if I'm lucky in the summer but when I swatched the first it was definitely a no-go. This shade was so pink and fair that I seriously questioned who would be that pale enough to wear that, and that is coming from somebody who is always the answer to the question. The next shade up was still very pink but looked way too dark and I was beginning to feel a little like Goldilocks. I ended up going with shade 100 Ivory because it seemed to be the best match at the time. it appears a little dark and orange in the bottle at first glance but applies to be the perfect shade and does NOT oxidize on the face! Double win for me! I didn't notice any color changing so I don't think this really matches to your skin's natural skin tone per say as it just blends really nicely.
This foundation has claims to be invisible, mistake coverage with visibly perfected skin. Sounds like magic, right? It also claims to weightless, with 24 moisture and will smooth the look of pores and dark circles. Also, magic in my opinion because I usually rely on primers and concealer to help with those tasks. I have to hand it to Rimmel though, this foundation almost lives up to those claims! My skin feels very soft to the touch. It also doesn't foundation emphasize any of the drier spots and hydrates very nicely. At the same time, my pores along my cheeks and nose seemed to vanish by the time I was finished blending everything in. However, I did need to use concealer because I was still looking a little like a zombie. I have really bad undereye circles so I was expecting that. It doesn't affect how I like the product though and might work for somebody with a little less hereditary issues. I was worried that the floral fragrance might irritate my skin but I got no red bumps or marks during or after the application. I really wish I could have the smell as a perfume because it's so light and refreshing.

The bottle itself has very cute packaging with a pump so it's really hygienic and mess free! There aren't any unnecessary glass add-ons or weird designs so it's really light in the makeup bag and I just love the blue color.
Did it moisturize for 24 hours? I have no sweet idea because who wears their makeup for that long? I set the foundation with both a powder and L'Oreal's infallible setting spray and it lasted me until around eleven which was over twelve hours. It started to wear off under my eyes after supper when I looked in the mirror but I rub my eyes during the day so that was to be expected. It could have been the concealer I applied over the top so I can't say it was the foundation alone either. I was even moving furniture and lugging heavy things up flights of stairs in the humidity for one of the days I was testing this out in and it held up beautifully! I was a sweaty mess but this didn't leave me oily. I didn't notice any sliding around or wear around the nose or cheeks either like I sometimes get so it's an A+ in my opinion.

Here is what everything looked like mid-day to show just how amazing this stuff was for me! Overall, I really have been loving this foundation and I'm glad that I picked it up! I didn't have great expectations for this foundation and kind of felt guilty about the purchase on the way home because I wasn't sure if I would like it enough. I even contemplated taking it back when I got back to the city if I didn't like it to save the waste of money. I also rely on Makeup Alley to tell me a general census whether a product is worth the money or not but funny enough as I was searching for the reviews my phone died so I guess this really was a blind purchase! I guess that just goes to show that you shouldn't paint all products of a company with the same brush based on previous experiences because you start to miss out on gems like this foundation. Who wouldn't want to save time by using fewer products if a foundation does all the work for you? I'm for the extra sleep! I'm a little sad that they only offer the seven shades because I feel like this would be beneficial to a lot of people! Hopefully, they will release more diverse shades in the future though because if you can't find your shade, is it really match perfection?  This stuff is seriously awesome in my opinion. 

Have you tried this before? What were your thoughts?

With love,

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