My Favourite Teas + Study Tips!

21 Mar 2016

Hi, Friends! I can't believe that we are officially into the Spring season. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was on Christmas break and procrastinating all my work due at the end of the semester. My part of Canada still seems confused about what spring is because this morning I woke up to snow, freezing rain and the sweet sound of snow ploughs instead of singing birds and sunny skies. I'm so looking forward to nice weather, birds and all of the pretty flowers when Mother Nature makes up her mind, though. However, the start of spring also brings around a time that is not so pleasant for university students... the end of the winter semester. With all the final papers, assignments and exams coming up in the next few weeks, I'm sure everyone needs a little help to make it out alive. Tea becomes my lifeline for early mornings and late nights because trust me, you don't want to see me hopped up on coffee. I haven't always been a fan because I thought it tasted like old people but now I'm not picky at all! So long as it has milk and sugar, I'll drink it! Here are some teas that I have been enjoying to keep me focused and no doubt, sane. 

David's Tea- Santa Secret
Tetley Peach Orange Bellini 
Tetley Vanilla Chai 
When I'm feeling particularly stressed out, in need of some serious relaxation or want to focus in on tasks, these are the teas that I gravitate towards! As you can see, I like a very diverse mix of flavors ranging from more spice filled to fruity to apparently baked goods. David's Tea is great because not only is everything they make adorable but they have so many flavors that you're guaranteed to find something for you! They also go by weight so you are able to save money and buy just what you'll need. I have tea sets from Christmas but my favorite seasonal by far is Santa's Secret because it has just the right amount of mint without being "clear your sinuses out strong". It also has the cutest little sprinkles in it but don't be fooled into eating them because they taste like unsteeped tea, which I'm telling you does not taste great. I also enjoy their Chocolate Rocket and Birthday Cake because they are really unique and taste like cake in liquid forms. Who doesn't love cake? Tetley is another brand that is great for their wide variety of flavours! The Peach Orange Bellini has been a favorite of mine for years now and even though I branch out to try different things nothing is better before bed then this! I also really love the Vanilla Chai because it warms me up and keeps me going. I'll also add that I'm addicted to chai tea latte's and this works fantastically well and I don't have to add the extra vanilla. I wanted to sneak in an honorable mention because I couldn't find the actual box to include in my pictures, but Clipper's Organic Raspberry Leaf tea is also one of my favorites for especially stressful and long days. I don't know what about it is so great but this stuff is seriously addicting. I'll sometimes drink two or three mugfuls in one night.

My Favorite mugs are the ones pictured above including this color changing circus mug from David's Tea that my twin sister Meghan got for me a few years ago for my birthday, as well as a grumpy cat mug that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas! I'm grumpy in the mornings and I love cats so he couldn't have found a better fit :P I'll also use my Aladdin Tea Tumbler in the color Mint if I'm heading out of my apartment to study! It keeps my tea nice and warm and the flip tea compartment provides me with lots of entertainment. I'm clearly easily amused.

I also wanted to share some study tips from my ADHD mind to yours in case you're feeling overwhelmed with school! 
1) Always Give Yourself Time- I'm so guilty of rushing through assignments and exams because I just want to be finished but that always leads to poor grades and disappointment. Instead, try to give yourself a few days to finish and review your work to ensure you haven't missed any important points or have embarrassing grammar mistakes. I once spelled my own name wrong on a final term paper so that was great!
2) Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: I always find that if I'm in my dorm room, I'll want to be in my bed and being in my bed leads to wanting to take naps and I won't get anything done.... It's a vicious cycle! I find that getting out of my room and going to the campus library, cafeteria or even a new quiet space helps my focus and productivity and leaves me feeling so much more accomplished. Bonus points for exploring your campus because there are some real gems out there.
3) Take Breaks:  I seriously cannot stress the importance of taking breaks every once and awhile. Taking some "me" time during especially stressful times is going to help you in the long run. Whether going for a walk, watching a few TV shows, looking at cute animals or spending time with family and friends, don't be afraid to do it! You might see it as losing time that you could be spending on work but your brain and sanity will thank you! I find that taking a little time to myself between studying increases my focus and drive to complete tasks. As long as you don't abuse it and take a permanent vacation from your work, you will be a-ok! 
4 Reach Out: Make use of the resources around you on your campus!At my university, we have a specific place that will help you with your writing when you're having trouble. We also have a therapy dog to visit when you're feeling overwhelmed and students trained to be there to listen to your worries and thoughts. Whatever your campus offers, I encourage you to do it because there is nothing wrong with needing a little help every now and again! Friends and classmates can also be a useful resource for getting help with assignments and studying for exams! I'm personally somebody who likes to study alone but I love when my friends and I get together with our shared classes because it not only gives me somebody to bounce ideas and concepts off of but it also allows for a new point of view from the class content learned, and I really enjoy listening to that! I also take advantage of events such as Study Halls that offer resources to students such as new pens, highlighters, and sticky notes to study more efficiently! 

What tea do you like? Do you have any tips that help you focus? Let me know in the comments!

With love,

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