Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation First Impression + Mini Review

29 Mar 2016

Hello, Friends! Remember how I said I was on a no makeup buy quite a few posts ago? Well, I did a bad thing... again. I was at Superstore (A grocery store chain for those non-Canadian) with my mom and twin sister on a boring Saturday and we were browsing the cosmetic section when I saw a little display for what I thought might have been a newer foundation by Rimmel. It turns out that the pretty and simplistic packaging was just a relaunch with some new products added as a little sale decoy, but it worked, to say the least. In the past, I haven't had the best luck with Rimmel foundations because I find my yellow undertone and fair skin to not match up very well with any of their shades offered. I also have had terrible oxidation from shades that should have worked out so I was a little hesitant to spend the money and walked away. However, curiosity killed the cat as they say because I have loved their Match Perfection concealer for years and wondered if their matching foundation would live up to its concealer partners hype. I've also really liked their Wake Me Up Foundation in the past so I think that also helped my decision. Did satisfaction bring the cat back? Let's find out!
I'm sure the price range from store to store is a little different but I picked this up for $10.99. From my experiences in the cosmetic section at Superstore, this seems to be pretty cheap as many L'Oreal and Revlon products range from $15 to $20 or more for 1FL of a foundation.
Shade Range:
This foundation like many of their foundation comes in some of the strangest shades I've ever seen. Usually, I'm about the first lightest color in a range or the second if I'm lucky in the summer but when I swatched the first it was definitely a no-go. This shade was so pink and fair that I seriously questioned who would be that pale enough to wear that, and that is coming from somebody who is always the answer to the question. The next shade up was still very pink but looked way too dark and I was beginning to feel a little like Goldilocks. I ended up going with shade 100 Ivory because it seemed to be the best match at the time. it appears a little dark and orange in the bottle at first glance but applies to be the perfect shade and does NOT oxidize on the face! Double win for me! I didn't notice any color changing so I don't think this really matches to your skin's natural skin tone per say as it just blends really nicely.
This foundation has claims to be invisible, mistake coverage with visibly perfected skin. Sounds like magic, right? It also claims to weightless, with 24 moisture and will smooth the look of pores and dark circles. Also, magic in my opinion because I usually rely on primers and concealer to help with those tasks. I have to hand it to Rimmel though, this foundation almost lives up to those claims! My skin feels very soft to the touch. It also doesn't foundation emphasize any of the drier spots and hydrates very nicely. At the same time, my pores along my cheeks and nose seemed to vanish by the time I was finished blending everything in. However, I did need to use concealer because I was still looking a little like a zombie. I have really bad undereye circles so I was expecting that. It doesn't affect how I like the product though and might work for somebody with a little less hereditary issues. I was worried that the floral fragrance might irritate my skin but I got no red bumps or marks during or after the application. I really wish I could have the smell as a perfume because it's so light and refreshing.

The bottle itself has very cute packaging with a pump so it's really hygienic and mess free! There aren't any unnecessary glass add-ons or weird designs so it's really light in the makeup bag and I just love the blue color.
Did it moisturize for 24 hours? I have no sweet idea because who wears their makeup for that long? I set the foundation with both a powder and L'Oreal's infallible setting spray and it lasted me until around eleven which was over twelve hours. It started to wear off under my eyes after supper when I looked in the mirror but I rub my eyes during the day so that was to be expected. It could have been the concealer I applied over the top so I can't say it was the foundation alone either. I was even moving furniture and lugging heavy things up flights of stairs in the humidity for one of the days I was testing this out in and it held up beautifully! I was a sweaty mess but this didn't leave me oily. I didn't notice any sliding around or wear around the nose or cheeks either like I sometimes get so it's an A+ in my opinion.

Here is what everything looked like mid-day to show just how amazing this stuff was for me! Overall, I really have been loving this foundation and I'm glad that I picked it up! I didn't have great expectations for this foundation and kind of felt guilty about the purchase on the way home because I wasn't sure if I would like it enough. I even contemplated taking it back when I got back to the city if I didn't like it to save the waste of money. I also rely on Makeup Alley to tell me a general census whether a product is worth the money or not but funny enough as I was searching for the reviews my phone died so I guess this really was a blind purchase! I guess that just goes to show that you shouldn't paint all products of a company with the same brush based on previous experiences because you start to miss out on gems like this foundation. Who wouldn't want to save time by using fewer products if a foundation does all the work for you? I'm for the extra sleep! I'm a little sad that they only offer the seven shades because I feel like this would be beneficial to a lot of people! Hopefully, they will release more diverse shades in the future though because if you can't find your shade, is it really match perfection?  This stuff is seriously awesome in my opinion. 

Have you tried this before? What were your thoughts?

With love,

Colours of Spring: My Lipstick Picks!

26 Mar 2016

Hello, Friends! One of the things I look the most forward to during spring is all of the pretty colors that the flowers bring when the snow melts. This is especially true for makeup trends as spring is a time to tone down the dark vampy tones and say hello to bright and fresh colors! Not that I don't love my dark reds and purple tones because I spent all fall looking for the perfect lip combination. I just love everything about the fresh and dewy skin with pinks and corals and bronzes! It reminds me so much of all of the pretty flowers and scenery that my part of Nova Scotia gets and I can't wait to get rid of the snow so that we can finally have the nice dry weather. I was so excited to pull these lippies out to share so that I could start wearing them more instead of them being tucked away. Here is what I decided to pull out this spring!

Products Mentioned:
Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Rose Hip (14)
Avon Ultra Color Lip Crayon in Pink Premier
Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty and Love Me
L'Oreal Color Riche Balm in Caring Coral
Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Bombshell
ELF Matte Lipstick in Touch of Pink
Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker in Punch Bowl
My spring makeup tends to learn more to the pink side of things with more muted neutrals to over the bright pinks. I'll start off with the more extreme colors in my "spring collection". I think my favorite shade out of these has got to be the Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Rose Hip (14). It's a very blue/pink shade that can come across as borderline too bright but it's so much fun! I got a lot of wear out of this last summer as it looks so good with a little bronzy glow. It's also got this very watermelon-y/vanilla smell that is so yummy. I've heard that a lot of people don't like it so I think it's personal preference. The LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in the shade Bombshell is also one of those bright fun shades that I wouldn't necessarily wear every day but I to love to wear on nights out instead of my signature red lip. It's really sticky so you'll need a lip brush to apply it with. I tried just using my finger and the tube but it ended up with me looking like a hot pink mess.to apply instead of  Lastly, Avon's Ultra Color Lip Crayon is really great for adding a pop of color but I find that I have to wear it with lots and lots of balm because it's quite drying. It does make a great little stain when you do that, though! It's again, one of those blue based pink shades but I find it to be very flattering on my fair skin tone.  I have to mention that it has annoying chunks of glitter that can get everywhere so I would steer clear if you aren't a fan of that. 

For more of my everyday looks, I love both Essence Long Lasting Lipstick's in Natural Beauty and Love Me. They last all day and are more of a "my lips but better" shade so I love them for that. I also currently reach a lot for my ELF Matte lipstick in Touch of Pink. I stupidly forgot to swatch it with the rest because it fell off my window sill as I was taking pictures but it's a lovely baby pink shade that is very true to the end of the tube above. Although it's matte, I find it to be very hydrating and it lasts all day! For more of a sheer look, I have both the Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie and L'Oreal's Color Rich Balm in Caring Coral. These have just a hint of color without being sticky or heavy, but are also great for any lip shade for extra moisture. They also have no scent which is a bonus because many lip balms that have tint also come with mint so I've found. I wanted to also include Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker not only because of the naughty name but also because the shade is really gorgeous. It's this really unique pink shade that actually does plump your lips up a little. You sadly won't be getting any Kylie Jenner lips from this but if you're looking for a little more fullness than this is great for you. The flavor is mint chocolate which is also an added bonus. The only downside is like any true lip gloss, it's very sticky. I'm not a huge fan of sticky but this color is too gorgeous not to wear in my opinion. 

What have you been sporting this spring? Tell me below! 

With love,

My Favourite Teas + Study Tips!

21 Mar 2016

Hi, Friends! I can't believe that we are officially into the Spring season. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was on Christmas break and procrastinating all my work due at the end of the semester. My part of Canada still seems confused about what spring is because this morning I woke up to snow, freezing rain and the sweet sound of snow ploughs instead of singing birds and sunny skies. I'm so looking forward to nice weather, birds and all of the pretty flowers when Mother Nature makes up her mind, though. However, the start of spring also brings around a time that is not so pleasant for university students... the end of the winter semester. With all the final papers, assignments and exams coming up in the next few weeks, I'm sure everyone needs a little help to make it out alive. Tea becomes my lifeline for early mornings and late nights because trust me, you don't want to see me hopped up on coffee. I haven't always been a fan because I thought it tasted like old people but now I'm not picky at all! So long as it has milk and sugar, I'll drink it! Here are some teas that I have been enjoying to keep me focused and no doubt, sane. 

David's Tea- Santa Secret
Tetley Peach Orange Bellini 
Tetley Vanilla Chai 
When I'm feeling particularly stressed out, in need of some serious relaxation or want to focus in on tasks, these are the teas that I gravitate towards! As you can see, I like a very diverse mix of flavors ranging from more spice filled to fruity to apparently baked goods. David's Tea is great because not only is everything they make adorable but they have so many flavors that you're guaranteed to find something for you! They also go by weight so you are able to save money and buy just what you'll need. I have tea sets from Christmas but my favorite seasonal by far is Santa's Secret because it has just the right amount of mint without being "clear your sinuses out strong". It also has the cutest little sprinkles in it but don't be fooled into eating them because they taste like unsteeped tea, which I'm telling you does not taste great. I also enjoy their Chocolate Rocket and Birthday Cake because they are really unique and taste like cake in liquid forms. Who doesn't love cake? Tetley is another brand that is great for their wide variety of flavours! The Peach Orange Bellini has been a favorite of mine for years now and even though I branch out to try different things nothing is better before bed then this! I also really love the Vanilla Chai because it warms me up and keeps me going. I'll also add that I'm addicted to chai tea latte's and this works fantastically well and I don't have to add the extra vanilla. I wanted to sneak in an honorable mention because I couldn't find the actual box to include in my pictures, but Clipper's Organic Raspberry Leaf tea is also one of my favorites for especially stressful and long days. I don't know what about it is so great but this stuff is seriously addicting. I'll sometimes drink two or three mugfuls in one night.

My Favorite mugs are the ones pictured above including this color changing circus mug from David's Tea that my twin sister Meghan got for me a few years ago for my birthday, as well as a grumpy cat mug that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas! I'm grumpy in the mornings and I love cats so he couldn't have found a better fit :P I'll also use my Aladdin Tea Tumbler in the color Mint if I'm heading out of my apartment to study! It keeps my tea nice and warm and the flip tea compartment provides me with lots of entertainment. I'm clearly easily amused.

I also wanted to share some study tips from my ADHD mind to yours in case you're feeling overwhelmed with school! 
1) Always Give Yourself Time- I'm so guilty of rushing through assignments and exams because I just want to be finished but that always leads to poor grades and disappointment. Instead, try to give yourself a few days to finish and review your work to ensure you haven't missed any important points or have embarrassing grammar mistakes. I once spelled my own name wrong on a final term paper so that was great!
2) Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: I always find that if I'm in my dorm room, I'll want to be in my bed and being in my bed leads to wanting to take naps and I won't get anything done.... It's a vicious cycle! I find that getting out of my room and going to the campus library, cafeteria or even a new quiet space helps my focus and productivity and leaves me feeling so much more accomplished. Bonus points for exploring your campus because there are some real gems out there.
3) Take Breaks:  I seriously cannot stress the importance of taking breaks every once and awhile. Taking some "me" time during especially stressful times is going to help you in the long run. Whether going for a walk, watching a few TV shows, looking at cute animals or spending time with family and friends, don't be afraid to do it! You might see it as losing time that you could be spending on work but your brain and sanity will thank you! I find that taking a little time to myself between studying increases my focus and drive to complete tasks. As long as you don't abuse it and take a permanent vacation from your work, you will be a-ok! 
4 Reach Out: Make use of the resources around you on your campus!At my university, we have a specific place that will help you with your writing when you're having trouble. We also have a therapy dog to visit when you're feeling overwhelmed and students trained to be there to listen to your worries and thoughts. Whatever your campus offers, I encourage you to do it because there is nothing wrong with needing a little help every now and again! Friends and classmates can also be a useful resource for getting help with assignments and studying for exams! I'm personally somebody who likes to study alone but I love when my friends and I get together with our shared classes because it not only gives me somebody to bounce ideas and concepts off of but it also allows for a new point of view from the class content learned, and I really enjoy listening to that! I also take advantage of events such as Study Halls that offer resources to students such as new pens, highlighters, and sticky notes to study more efficiently! 

What tea do you like? Do you have any tips that help you focus? Let me know in the comments!

With love,

My Morning/Evening Skin Care Routine

18 Mar 2016

Happy Friday! Hands up if you're excited for the weekend. I am! Today, I wanted to chat about my skincare routine, as I personally love reading about all the different products out there! This time is known as the time my boyfriend hates the most because "I stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom for too long" as he says. I've always had acne prone skin growing up but it's also very dry which makes everything complicated. My skin has come a long way since junior high/high school when nothing I tried would make my acne go away. I even went as far as to try Pro Active which not surprisingly made everything 10% worse. However, now that I can explore skincare on my own, I have found products as well as a routine that works best for me! My routine always starts from within by drinking lots of water and I have noticed such a difference when I don't drink as much. You'll never see me sans a water bottle!

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser (Creamy)
Neutrogena Moisture Oil-Free Moisturizer
St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer
The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil
Physicians Formula Ultra-Nourishing Argon Oil
Nivea Men Sensitive Skin After Shave Balm
Vaseline Lip Therapy- Cocoa Butter
My routine in the morning usually varies depending on how much time I have to get ready. I'll usually start by washing my face in the shower because I find my skin gets less irritated that way. If I have the time I'll follow up with a toner to make sure my skin is nice and balanced but I usually leave this step out because I'm running out of time. The most important step in my routine is moisturizing my face to make sure that my makeup has nothing dry to stick to. I'm really picky with face moisturizers because I find most times I'll buy one that seems really nice but leaves my skin worse than what I started with. I've been switching between my Neutrogena Oil-Free and the St. Ives Timeless skin and have been finding that both do the job quite well! I also mix in either The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil or the Physicians Formula Argon Oil because I find it easier to apply that way. I also feel like I have better control over the oil this way because nobody likes a greasy face. Both oils basically perform the same so I switch between them depending on which is closer to me. I also apply some of the Nivea Men After Shave Balm because it surprisingly makes a great primer! I jumped on the bandwagon from YouTube and Pinterest with this before Christmas and haven't even used half of the bottle yet so it's a great value! It also makes my makeup last longer and provides a little extra boost of hydration before my foundation goes on. Lastly, I'll apply some lip balm like this Vaseline Lip Therapy one to hydrate my lips and keep them nice and healthy looking. I also love using this before wearing any lipsticks or stains because it makes my lips look super smooth.
Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes
Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser (Creamy)
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil
Marcelle Tonifying Lotion
 Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream
Vaseline Lip Therapy- Cocoa Butter
Extra Products:
Exact Apricot Scrub
Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
My routine for the evening is pretty standard as far as the order of products goes. I'll start off by using a makeup wipe to take off everything that I can. I've been using these Kirkland brand wipes for what seems like forever now because not only are they a fantastic price but I also find that they take off more makeup compared any drugstore brands I've used. If I've worn heavier eye makeup or I'm looking for an easier way out then I'll use the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cleansing Oil. I've found that it's been great to add some moisturization to my skin if I'm feeling a little dry and it cleans well so it's definitely great for lazy nights.
The only downside is that you have to be very careful not to get this in your mouth when you're washing your face because it makes everything numb for some odd reason. If I'm not using this then I'll just use a little squirt of the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser to get rid of any makeup and dirt left behind by the makeup wipes. It leaves my skin squeaky clean my skin but can sometimes leave my skin a little dry. I've used the foaming kind with the same results but it's never irritated my skin so I really enjoy it! I'll tone my skin with some Marcelle Tonifying Lotion to make sure everything is extra clean so that I don't get any pesky breakouts overnight. I'll then apply the Simple Night Cream so that my skin has a chance to fix itself before I repeat the process over again. I've been loving this stuff because it is so hydrating and I always wake up with really nice skin since using it. 
I've also including two products that I'll use on occasion instead of daily. Facial scrubs are great for removing all of my dry skin and they make my face feel amazingly smooth, but I find getting all the little scrubby things off my face to be a nightmare. I also find that they dry out my skin for days if I'm not careful. This is the off brand of the St. Ives which I've found to be the exact same but twice the amount of product... Score! The Biore Strips are also fantastic when I want to feel extra clean but I find removing them a literal pain as well. Beauty is pain, right? Plus it's grossly satisfying to look at what comes out of your pores.

What products are in your skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below!

With love,

The Get to Know Me Tag

14 Mar 2016

Hi, Friends! Happy Daylights Saving Time! It's weird that losing just one hour of sleep feels like I've lost twelve even two days later. I was reading through different lists of blog post suggestions for some inspiration and I came across this "little" tag called the get to know me tag that sounded really fun! It's been awhile since I've introduced myself, so I figured I would take the time again to show you just how weird I am. (ps- I laughed really hard at that picture so I felt like I had to include it)
1. Are you named after someone?
When my mom was pregnant with my twin sister and me, the doctor had told her that she was expecting twin boys, but shocker... we weren't! This left my mother scrambling for names so I believe she just chose our first names out of a book by whatever sounded the best. BUT my middle name is Dawn is after my grandfather (Donald) who passed away four years ago I really like that!
2. When was the last time you cried?
I was lacking sleep this morning when I heard that my school's education department didn't get the letter somebody had written for me three weeks ago. So between trying to track that down and having my computer cord decide to rebel and break, I've been having a rough go. My boyfriend saved the day and we got a new one plus we ended up buying a really nice comforter for our bed so I'm in a much happier mood now. (Plus, it's almost bedtime and that's my favorite time of the day)
3. Do you have kids?
I personally do not yet because I'm only 21, but I hope that someday I will be able to have them!
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
This is tough! I'm really introverted and around strangers so I think that it would take a little convincing, but I think I would because I'm pretty awesome when you get to know me. Well, maybe not but a girl can hope
5. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Does eating endless bags of Lay's Dill Pickle chips count? because I really love those. They are so bad but so good.
6. Do you like handwriting?
I guess so! Some writing is really hard to read but I like my own.
7. What is your favourite cereal?
I should have added this in the guilty pleasure question because Fruit Loops are my weakness. I don't even eat them with milk, just by the bowl. I also really like Cheerios and Vanilla Rice Krispies!

8. What is the first thing you notice about people?
Usually, a person's smile or eyes because you can tell a lot about somebodies personality based on that.  I also notice height because I'm only 4'11 and most people tower over me.

9. What color are your eyes?
They are a greenish/hazel color depending on what color I'm wearing or what eye makeup I have on. One has a little speck of gold and the other one doesn't so at the very least, they are unique.
10. Scary movies or happy endings?
I am the biggest wimp ever, period. Sometimes Supernatural and Criminal Minds episodes get too intense for me so I'm a happy endings girl all the way. One of my favorite movies is The Notebook but is happy and sad at the same time.
11. Favorite TV show?
Right now I'm loving Supernatural and The Last Man on Earth! I also really love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Grace and Frankie. Full House has been my favorite show for awhile so I've been slowly watching Fuller House too which has been really odd but so good! I recommend it if you're bored or looking for something nostalgic.

12. Summer or winter?
Going back to the notion of being the biggest wimp, I also cannot stand anything below 0 degrees. This probably sounds stupid considering I live in Canada where winter is 70% of the weather... I'm joking about that but I feel like that's all we have some days. Now that spring is here it's slowly warming back but I cannot wait for the warm sunny days where I can walk around without the salt ruining my shoes and my hands going numb.
13. Hugs or kisses?
I like both depending on who they come from! But if you're a stranger, I will run in the opposite direction faster than you can say "Hello". 
14. What’s the further you’ve been away from home?
I haven't done much traveling so the furthest away from home that I've been is within the Maritimes. Someday I hope to get out and explore, though! My boyfriend promises to take me to Scotland for our honeymoon if we get married so I might take him up on that ;) 
15. Do you have special talents?
I'm going to consider singing a special talent because I've taken voice lessons for many years but I haven't sung in public in a while. I should also count being extremely clumsy and forgetful as talents because it takes serious skills to pull off some of the stuff I have done by accident.
16. Where were you born?
I was born in a small town called Sydney in Nova Scotia but I haven't lived there in years so don't go looking for me there.
17. What are your hobbies?
Taking naps, being crafty, blogging, hoarding cats, crying over cute puppies, collecting makeup, taking more naps... Should I go on?

18. Do you have any pets?
Oh boy! Do I ever. At my home, we have three cats and three dogs. Before you think we are some crazy family (We are but that's another story), only one of the dogs and two of the cats belong to us because my grandmother also lives with us in an in-law suite. I've mentioned my dog Rhiley before in a favorites post and Carrie Kitty has never been mentioned but she is my baby.
19. Favorite movie?
My favorites are The Notebook, The Fault in Our Stars, Grease and anything Disney that isn't Tangled or The Princess and the Frog.
20.What color is your car?
Oops.. I don't own one because I lack a driving license. I also think that I'll drive like I do in Grand Theft Auto so I've stayed away.
21. What did you want to be when you grow up?
I've always wanted to be a veterinarian but I quickly let go of that dream when I realized how much schooling it would take. I also suck at anything math or science related so my grades weren't good enough. That being said, I always liked being a teacher so I still have hopes that I'll become one and applied to an elementary program at the school I currently attend! I also would love to be a social worker so I applied for a program as well and I'm still playing the waiting game for results.

Holy crap! Are you still with me? Do you need refreshments? I didn't realize just how many questions I had written down until I tried to answer them all so kudos if you get through all of my ramblings! I'm going to tag Rowan from Sincerely, Rowan as well as anybody else who feels like writing a little bit about themselves! (It's really fun, I promise!)

With love,

Spring Cleaning and Seasonal Goals

11 Mar 2016

Hi, Everyone! Notice anything different? That's right,  I got a new look! I've been debating the idea in my mind for awhile now but never could find the motivation to create the change. I think part of me hanging on to the feeling of being proud that I was able to make my previous layout by myself. As everyone knows, spring is a time for deep cleaning and organization so I found motivation with a little help from my lovely twin sister and we made it happen! I wanted to look fresh but still stay true to my blog name thus this little number was created and I love it! Of course, nothing comes with a little frustration (or a lot of frustration), as I sat on Photoshop having no clue what to do. I especially loved the two hours of re-editing all of my blog posts because something wonky happened, blogger, I'm looking at you. I'm not very versed in the technological world and still have much to learn but as I put the finishing touches, I can't help but feel proud of the new look. Not to mention feel grateful for all of the patience that my sister had throughout the process. You're a real champ! 

Moving onto what I wanted to chat about today, I found a really interesting blog post by Mimmi from Muted Mornings, who discussed her seasonal goals and I was really intrigued by the idea. I too have n't found a lot of time to focus on my blog like I have been wanting to so it was really nice to not feel alone in the balancing struggle! Looking outside at all of the snow we have doesn't exactly scream the start of spring to me, however, I have quite a lot of exciting things that I'm working up to so I figured that this would be a great opportunity to share them with you!

1) Graduation: After four years of frustration, tears and late nights filled with assignments and studying, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! When I think about graduation I often think of all of the great experiences and people that I have met along the way, like my best friend through it all or my boyfriend who I would have never had the chance to met unless I took the risk of taking the degree I am in today. I also go back to some not so pleasant memories of the time I was told that I was wasn't smart enough to pass a semester let alone graduate. I felt really upset by their words for awhile because I do admit to having my own struggles with learning disabilities and ADHD that are beyond my control. Regardless, I decided not to let them bring me down and focused on making myself happy by reaching my own academic goals instead of those put on me by people who need to control other people.  Plus, proving them wrong is kind satisfying, don't you think? :P

2) The Big Move: Going along with graduation is the transition to the adult world that I have been dreading.  Does anybody really, though? For the past four years, I have been lucky enough to be able to go home in the summer to work and spend time with my family. This year, however, I won't be making that trip. I've decided that it's time to start a new chapter of my life, and recently became a first-time apartment owner! Not only does this mean living with my boyfriend, but it also marks the start of our life together without all of the distance. As exciting as all of this is and how happy I feel to be in the city with all of my friends, I can't help but feel sad for this change. I know that it will be hard not seeing my younger sisters as much as I would like, and I will certainly miss the nightly chats with my mom while we watch HGTV. Although I realize that becoming independent is an important step in my life that had to happen eventually, I keep reminding myself that they are never too far away and that really helps.  I'm sure that I'm probably just anxious for everything to start happening but having this to look forward to through the mountain of schoolwork is a great feeling.

3) Focus on myself more: This spring I am determined to try to spend more time doing things for myself like taking more baths, finding new music and rediscovering what I'm passionate about. I'm really bad at taking the time to pamper myself, and place a lot of work on myself during life and school. I tend to overwork myself and I think this is one of the reasons that I have been so sick this winter. I have to realize that I can't always make everybody happy, or put the amount of workload on myself that I have been between life and school because it's extremely unhealthy. I want to be able to come home from a long day and say that I have nothing to worry or stress about. I also need to work on staying motivated because I like many have off days where I just want to stay in bed and forget about my homework. I'm so guilty of procrastinating work until I give myself a day to complete 10 things. I know this is a long shot considering it's near the end of the semester and exams coming up but in the end, I want to feel confident that I did my best instead of being a big ball of anxiety.

4) Try new beauty products: I've been putting myself on a hiatus from buying new products because I need to get myself to a point where I feel financially comfortable. I also found that I tend to stick to the same products when I find something that I really enjoy. It is with hope that I can branch out, get myself onto a budget, and be able to splurge a little! Not only will this allow me to get out of my comfort zone but it will also allow me to discover new favorites. One of the items that I'm eyeing recently is the Tartelette 2 In Bloom Palette because the colors are stunning. I've read so many blog posts about how wonderful it is so I'm definitely going to try to get my hands on it in the near future

5) Feel more confident: I've been itching to get myself into a fitness routine and stick to it or quite some time now. However, my crazy schedule doesn't really allow for the consistency that I need. I've been loving doing the at home workouts because my confidence isn't the greatest for the gym environment but I want to take this step for myself. Growing up, I've always been really insecure about my body and for once I want to look in the mirror and be proud of how I look. For me, It's not about being skinny or thin because I don't really mind the weight that I am at. My main goal is to look healthy and have healthy habits, and I feel like this is a really good time to start that.

What are your goals? Let me know in the comments below!

With love,

The Body Shop Beauty: Review and Swatches

7 Mar 2016

Hi, friends! Long time, no content! I've been struggling with sickness after sickness and balancing life plus school but I'm feeling better and inspired to start blogging again! As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have very little self-control when it comes to purchasing makeup (That's definitely not hard to tell). I just can't help but fall in love with new products and the cute little displays certainly don't help in my favor. I believe in honesty when writing blog posts, so I'll honest and say that I've been trying to put myself on a little hiatus because makeup gets expensive when you want everything! However, I also have to admit that I caved last month when I saw a beautiful post on Instagram and thus my guilty down spiral. But if anybody asks.. the lady was so friendly that I had no idea what was happening and everything snuck home with me. (I wish :P) I should also mention that this was one of their buy three and get three free events so it was quite the way to save some cash!

Let's talk about the product that started this whole blog post first, shall we? This is their Baked-To-Last Bronzer in Shade 02. Although it didn't photograph particularly well, it has gorgeous pink and champagne shimmers marbled through it with a very warm toned bronze color, and let me tell you... This is worth every penny! At first, I was a little nervous because I thought I would come out looking like an Oompa Loompa but was pleasantly surprised by the healthy glow it gave me. I was advised not to use it as a contour shade but I'm a rebel and I haven't found it too shimmery for me just yet. I use a fluffy brush for my forehead and a tapered brush for my cheeks and then go over everything with a clean brush. It gives me just enough to be defined and still natural!

The next thing that I got to go with the bronzer is their All-In-One-Blusher in Ginger. I was told that this was a safe color by the saleslady. It was also one of their most popular for all skin tones apparently. It matches the pink found in the bronzer as well so they make a good team! I have to agree with her on the safe color because it's very natural but I wished it had a tiny bit more pigmentation on the cheeks. As you can tell by the swatch, the blush is a gorgeous baby pink/coral color in the pan, and with a ridiculous amount of scrubbing on my arm. However, It just doesn't transfer the same on the cheeks because the color is very faint. I'm not sure where that color goes but I'm sad that it's not on my face with this one. You can build up the color to be somewhat visible but I'm going to explore other ways to make this work because I really love the shade. I'll definitely report back on this experimentation. 

The next two products that caught my eye were two of their newer products. I've been really into finding my HG primer and foundation lately, so I had to pick these up. The foundation is their new Fresh Nude Foundation in shade Chelsea. that claims to be hydrating and leave you with a fresh and semi-matte complexion. I don't like heavy foundations because I have very dry skin, especially in the winter so sounded like a dream. I'm glad I picked this up because it feels wonderful on the skin and live up the claims of being hydrating. I'd say it's a medium to light coverage but you can easily build it up on trouble areas without it being cakey. 

The All-In-One Instablur Primer, on the other hand, is a different story as well. While it did smooth my skin and pores out, I felt that it didn't make my makeup stay on very long and left my skin feeling very dry. It especially emphasized dryness on my cheeks and chin. I'm sad that this didn't work for me but I've noticed that they have a hydrating primer that might fit my needs a little better, so I will definitely check that out in the future!
The last product that I bought was the Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner & Brow Definer. I wasn't originally in the market for a gel eyeliner because I'm such a huge fan of liquid eyeliners, but the lady said that this was her baby so I was intrigued. I can't speak about the eyebrow part of this product because it's jet black and with blond hair, I think I would look a little silly. However, I think the eyeliner part is something you either love or hate and I unfortunately just didn't not like this. I felt like the product wasn't creamy enough to apply to my eye even with brushes other than the one provided. Even the swatch was hard to get a solid line so I wasn't really impressed with this.

This is what my full face looks like after I've used almost everything in the post and I think that it wears pretty well! The only thing that I don't have on is the eyeliner because it's a huge pain in the ass to apply. Overall, I think that The Body Shop has some really nice products, and I would definitely be interested in trying out some more in the future. What I especially love  about The Body Shop is how committed to Fair Trade they are and don't test on animals. (Although I do buy products that sadly test on animals, it's nice to know that no bunnies are harmed in the making. It's also nice knowing that they ingredients will make my skin happy instead of adding all kinds of unknowns. Keep in mind that this is my own opinion and doesn't reflect what the products might do for you! I'm absolutely not telling you to stay away from the products that I haven't liked and encourage you to give them a try if they sound interesting to you! :)

With love,