Updated Makeup Storage & Birthday Surprises

18 Aug 2015

Hi, Everyone! My life has been absolutely crazy lately with my summer classes and job finally coming to an end but now that I have my homework and tests pretty much out the way, it's back to regular posting! This past weekend was full of wonderful things so I thought I would share two things that made the happiest/excited. This post is picture heavy so I hope you enjoy :)

First an overhaul of my makeup storage from this:

To this:

One of the things I've been the most excited over all summer was creating a new storage system for my makeup! When it comes to organization, I've always tried to keep things as simple as possible. Mainly because I hate cleaning it up (#lazy), but also because there is such little space in a dorm to have a "permanent solution". My current set up has become unpractical for the size of my collection, and because I have no self-control, it just keeps getting worse. I've been using two of the small three drawer containers from the Dollar store which I have no complaints about, it's just too darn small. I'll be keeping my current set up for more of my reached for products so that my morning routine is a little easier. With my forgetfulness, the more my makeup is out of sight, the more it's out of mind and collecting dust and being wasted so hopefully I will be reaching for everything a lot more and won't have so many disorganized baskets and shelves.

I had this plain wooden box kicking around in my closet for the past three years and when I was going through my closet, I had the most brilliant idea to turn it into something useful! My boyfriend, my two younger sisters and I had a little bonding session as I called it, (I'm sure they probably felt otherwise) to paint this gem up and I couldn't be happier with it! I was worried at first about the paint because it was the cheaper options at Michael's, however, it did not let me down! We went with two coats of each color and I still have a lot of paint left in the bottles.We technically could have gone with just one coat of paint but two looks much more vibrant! Acrylic paint dries very quickly making this project quick and easy! The only hard thing about this project was honestly picking out the paint because there were 1000 colours and I'm the worst for making decisions and changing my mind after.

Now bear with me because these are a disorganized mess right now as I'm getting ready to move back to a residence but you get the gist. I'm looking around for those in drawer organizers but I haven't had any luck so far. If you know where I might be able to find them then let me know in the comments! I've got the first drawer as a place to put my face products. I don't think this will need the organizers because this isn't my most hoarded of categories. The second and third drawers are chaotic because as you can see, I love my eyeshadow and lipsticks. I promise that once I get the organizers, it won't look like a tornado went through it.

However the thing that made this weekend so special was the lovely gifts that my boyfriend gave me (Brownie points for you, sir!) Just look at how proud he looks! I'll give you a little background context so that you aren't completely lost. When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the books and show Madeline. I'm sure it's familiar to many for being the show about the little french girl who owned the title of"small but mighty". I had a couple of dolls from this show but they all shared unfortunate fates. The first few I had taken a trip to the wildlife park in elementary school and somehow ended up being lunch for a horse. I don't know how this happened but I am still holding a grudge over whoever thought it was polite to feed the horse my Ms. Clavel and Pepito. The punch line to this story? The dolls were taken out of my backpack at least twice before I left the house that day, but that's what you get for not listening as my mom says. Right?

The most loved out of all these dolls was my Madeline doll that went everywhere with me growing up. My mom found her in a very small community where she was completing her education degree and tells me she was more excited than I was to find them.  I think the connection also comes from her being away to complete the degree while I stayed with my grandparents, so she held some pretty special memories. I tried not to pick favorites because I believed all my stuffed animals had feelings but she just won my heart. I'm still heartbroken over not being able to find her! To stop my rambling, My 21st birthday was a week ago and when I opened his gifts I nearly cried, except I was too excited if that makes sense. I definitely wasn't expecting any present as thoughtful as this! He even got me the live action movie and the complete collection of books to go with her! Without sounding too soppy, I'm feeling grateful to have such an amazing boyfriend. He's the best, period.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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