The Versatile Blogger Award

5 Aug 2015

Hello, everyone! I feel like I haven't written in ages. A few days ago I was nominated by the lovely Christine at Wandering Through Lifex for the Versatile Blogger Award! I've seen this going around on so, needless to say, I was pretty excited to be nominated myself. Thank you so much, Christine! The object of this tag is to share seven facts about myself as well as nominate 15 other blogs that I think should be nominated.

Lists are my best friend but thinking on the spot is not so this could either be a hot mess or a total success. Let's get started, shall we?

1. Ever hear of the sentence "I'm not short, I'm fun-sized?" That's me. I stand all of 4'11 so it's safe to say I'm pretty tiny. I've been short all my life and it's definitely something I've learned to embrace as I've gotten older! There are plenty of bad things like not being able to reach things or not always having a petite section in a store but every negative needs a positive. (or at least, I think that's how it goes) My bank account loves how kids shoes are cheaper and raiding my little sister's closet will never get old.

2. I have Inattentive ADHD and learning difficulties. It was a huge relief to finally have all theses diagnoses in my second year of university because it finally meant that I had answers! Growing up without official diagnoses was pretty rough. It would be so frustrating not understanding my school work, or not being able to remember things but now I know it's not my fault. I once had somebody tell me that I wasn't smart enough to be in university and that was devastating for me at the time. Now all her words do is motivate me to do my best because I work hard for my grades and I am pretty damn proud. I've got quite a lot of coping skills when it comes to dealing with all this in university so I plan on doing a post as school gets closer.

3. My favorite book and movie are The Fault in Our Stars. I'm sure everybody and their mom's has heard of this book (and if not then you have been living under a rock.) This book ruined me and my summer when I first read it but I do not regret it in the slightest. When I finished the book had enough tears to fill an ocean and my wall had an impressive dent. I just love how romantic it was and I will never get tired of the story line. I've read and watched this little gem so many times that it's permanently ingrained in my brain and that's pretty impressive considering I have a goldfish brain.

4.  I love anything salt and vinegar. I don't think there hasn't been something in this flavor that I haven't liked. I'm going to say that this is my biggest weakness because it just tastes so good. Salt and vinegar popcorn just completes any movie or tv show experience. I also shamelessly love anything covered in vinegar. Nothing

5. I hate being ticked. This is especially true for my feet! It should be a written rule and a signed contract that if you try to touch them, you will be getting kicked. I don't know where you will get kicked but I know that I won't be sorry. As Taylor Swift says "Don't say I didn't warn ya" ;)

6. I'm working to become bi-lingual! I started learning french when I was put into french immersion in grade four and worked my way through it until the end of junior high. I never went back to it after then until I started university and made it my minor. There are so many rules to remember but I just love the language so much. Although my spoken french isn't on par yet, my understanding has always been very good. I'm hoping to get my certificate when I graduate university and move to education to become an elementary school teacher.

7. I have a love and hate relationship with the right side of my hair. This side of my hair is always the first to lose it's style no matter what. It doesn't matter if it's been straightened or curled or sprayed with ten pounds of hair spray. It has a mind of its own and at the end of the day, it always wins the fight. I love a good hair day as much as the next girl but this side gives me a run for my money, literally.

Alright, now onto my list of blogs that I would like to nominate! This stressed me just a tad because I've been reading so many good blogs that it was hard to choose! Here is what I came up with, though:

1. Muted Mornings
2. Unstitchedd
3. CarrieBrighton
4. Holy Lipstick
5. The Closet Elf
6. Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty
7. A Girl, Obsessed
8. Charlotte Sophia Roberts
9. That's Like Lisa
10. Tracey Dean
11. That Fashion Girl
12. Vivianna Does Makeup
13. In The Frow
14. Smart-Twenties
15. Sunny Sweet Pea
Do you have a fact or a blogger you'd like to share? Comment Below as I'm always looking for new things to read :)

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