Brand Focus: Joe Fresh Beauty

9 Aug 2015

Hi Everyone! Today I thought I would share some mixed thoughts on a brand of cosmetics that I've been testing out! Now I've never tried anything from this brand before so it was completely unfamiliar but they always have a bright display and simplistic packaging in Superstore that is definitely eye catching. I can't pass up a good deal on a good day so when I noticed that all their cosmetics were 50% off, I was sold. I would have loved to buy a lot more but I practiced self-control and managed to leave the store with (only) three face products. I'm still working on control, Okay?

The first product that I picked up was just what they have labeled as "Primer", pretty vague I know. I think I was the most excited for was this because I don't currently own one. It's also the same size as the foundation so I figured I would get a pretty good length out of it as well. I really tried to like this product but sadly it just didn't work out for me. I like a primer to smooth out my face and feel nice but this just did nothing! It was a very runny white/clear consistency that felt like a moisturizer than anything else. The sad thing is that it didn't even moisturize and made my skin feel worse than if I had skipped it. Once I got it on my face I let it settle like I would any other primer but it contiuned to disappoint by doing nothing. I thought that maybe I was over thinking so I continued on with foundation but hen I went to blend everything in, I noticed that it would just come off in little dry crumbles. At first I thought it might have been the Joe Fresh foundation so I tried my normal foundations but the same crumbly mess happened each time. My skin isn't dry at the moment so I can't even blame it on that. I've never had this happen before and for it to happen to three different foundations that all work well normally sounds very suspicious to me! I'm thinking that maybe I got a bad batch or a failed reformulation because this was very disappointing. I even read some reviews that this was a wonderful product but I can't say anything is wonderful about a whole bunch of nothing. If anybody has suggestions for a good primer I could try then leave it in the comments as I'm always looking for new HG products.

The foundation on the other hand is fantastic! It's the perfect color match for my pale skin because it has yellow undertones. I struggle so much when I'm looking for a foundation because most end up too pink or too orange but funnily enough, this is almost too pale for my summer skin right now. It will be perfect for when I'm back to looking like Casper the Ghost so I'm saving it for then. I would say that it's a medium coverage as the product itself is quite heavy and thick. However, once it's on the skin and it's set with some powder, it feels very lightweight! I was pleasantly surprised about that because thick foundation usually ends up being cakey on me. I wore this out in the heat for quite a few hours during work and it definitely passed the melt-proof test! The only place that I noticed it starting to rub off was the bridge of my nose where my sunglasses sit but I'll gladly take that.

Now I'm not quite sure what they meant by "Color Adjusting" but this blush incredible! I knew the minute I saw this that I had to take it come because it is the perfect coral-y for pale skin. It comes off as very light pink in some lighting but I'm definitely not complaining. I feel like it gives me a very flushed look without making me look feverish or over done. The texture is very creamy and applies like a dream but I do have to say that a little goes a long way here. I find that the color is super intense and almost borderline neon if applied too much but I can easily blend it down if I went a little crazy. It has quite the impressive lasting power especially during the heat so for the little money I paid for this gem, it's so worth it! They have another shade that was more of a pink color if that interests you a little more but for now this is perfect for me. I also wanted to mention that I dropped this on the floor and it didn't even break so bonus points for being klutz proof!

Overall I'm very impressed by this line of cosmetics and I'm excited to try out some more of their products. I've heard some very good things about their lip products and now that they are 50% off, it's even more of a temptation :P I'll be here practicing self-control if anybody needs me!

Have you tried this brand before? If so, what do you recommend?

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