August Favorites

28 Aug 2015

Can you believe that August is over in just a few more days? It feels like yesterday that it was the baffled at how it was the first of the month, and now I'm impatiently counting down the days for the move back to my university. Call me a nerd but I'm so excited to kick start my final year of my undergrad and get back to that big city life! I'm sad to see it go because I've been enjoying all the adventures I've had like the one in the picture above from this weekend. However September has all kinds of awesome promises so I know my August blues won't stick around for too long!

I'm usually a stickler when it comes to staying with the same products but since the recent overhaul of my makeup storage, I've discovered some pretty great things in my collection! If you're curious to my new setup then definitely check out that post, here.Without any other ramblings, here are some miscellaneous things that I have been loving this month!

1. Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette: This is something completely new to me as I've never owned anything this high end before but was it ever worth it. This palette is what I have been missing in my collection because of its versatility. You can create endless looks with this little gem and I'm so pleased with it. I've got a lot of experimentation left to do because I've only had it for a few weeks but so far I've been loving Sidecar, Hustle, and Buck! I'm always looking for color combination suggestions if you want to leave them in the comments below.

2. BH Cosmetic's It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette: This was limited edition last year during a sale that BH Cosmetics so sadly I don't think you can purchase it anymore, but this has been my go to beauty favorite since I received it. It has a stunning mixture of neutrals and blues/purples that compliment each other extremely well. Just like the Naked palette, you can get a lot of looks from these twelve eyeshadows and I couldn't be happier with this product. I even have a backup just in case I ever run out.

3. The Body Shop Coconut Beautifying Oil: Versatility is obviously a reoccurring theme because this is also a catch-all product. As the bottle says, you can apply this oil to the hair, face and body and I used it for all three. I wouldn't say that it's a holy grail hair product because my hair was very greasy after using this but I love it as a body and face oil! I just use a very minimal amount all over and it leaves my skin smelling super yummy and very soft.  I think that this is the perfect summer scent for a long day in the warm summer sun.

4. Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer in NC 15: I believe I've mentioned this in another post of mine but this stuff is fantastic! It was my first ever purchase at Mac but it's worth every penny. I've had no issues with it coming off on even the hottest of days and it keeps me looking well rested all day long! I've heard that it can be drying but I haven't had any issues with that.

5. Bath and Body Work's Wild Madagascar Vanilla Perfume: This tiny but mighty perfume is my holy grail scent all year round but it's definitely been used a lot this month. It's the perfect vanilla scent that isn't too fake but too musky smelling and it lingers for such a long time. I believe that you can purchase bigger sizes but it's very scented so a little has lasted me forever.

6. Hard Candy Glamoflage Concealer: I used this concealer a few years ago but found the product to expire before I was able to finish it. When back to school shopping however I saw this little dollar tube and had to get it! I've heard this to be a dupe for the Kat Von De Tattoo Concealer and I have never tried that one, but I can see why it might be. It's a very thick consistency so only a little is needed or else it will settle into fine lines and cake up on the face. I have it in the shade Ultra Light and it's the perfect brightening concealer if I'm feeling a little dark under the eyes. I've worn this in 90 degree weather and it held strong so I defintely recommend this. You can't beat a few dollars for such an amazing product either.

7. Australian Gold SPF 15 Broad Spectrum UVA Sunscreen: You should try saying that ten times fast. I hate everything about sunscreen and working at a daycare over the summer, I saw quite a lot of it. However this stuff is amazing and totally changes what sunscreen is. It has a very tropical scent instead of that typical sunscreen smell and it reminds me of being on a soft sandy beach with a fruity drink in my hand. (That's never happened but a girl can dream :P) It's not sticky but rather moisturizing which I was also pleasantly surprised about. It also has bronzer in it to make the skin darker which is a bonus for pale people like me who are just trying to get a little sun.

8. Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 150 Buff: This is also an old favorite that has recently snuck it's way into my collection again. I love this because it doesn't budge and gives amazing coverage with just a small amount of coverage. It's great for days that I want a little more but hasn't melted off my face or caked up in the heat. I hardly ever have to set this because it's just so great on it's own. The only downside was that it's slightly off for my summer shade but the next is too dark. I've been mixing with a little Fit Me foundation to solve this problem and it has been wonderful!

9. ELF Blush in Twinkle Pink: I've been wearing this a lot lately but I'm very iffy on it. The color is perfect for bringing a little bit of color back into my face after foundation but it's got a lot of gold shimmer that I'm not used to. I could just be paranoid because I've always worn more matte colors but I added to my favorites anyways because the color is so nice.

10.  ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder: Although these aren't my all time favorite blush and bronzers, I've been using this a lot lately as they compliment each other very well! The blush is slightly more subdued than the previous elf blush I mentioned but is still equally as gorgeous! I think I like it a little more just because I feel less like a walking disco ball. The bronzer however is a little to dark and I haven't been wearing it quite as much. I just make sure it's very blended on days that I've used it or else I have lines that aren't cute. I've heard that it's a dupe for a Nars product that I haven't tried but I thought that it was pretty neat!

11. My last favorite is my temples that I got a few days ago but I'm still counting. My glasses are only for reading so I don't need them all the time but they make everything twice as fun now. I love the pop of color that they give! Perhaps I'll be more motivated to study now :P (Probably not)

Bonus favorite- Rhiley the Standard Poodle: This little guy came into my family at the beginning of the month and I can't get over how cute he is. He's the biggest ball of ungracefulness when it come to playing around but he makes up for it in the fluff department. Right now we  have a love/hate relationship because he's only 11 weeks and thinks that nipping is how you play. Now I don't enjoy having my toes and fingers bitten so he's a work in progress to say the least. (Let's be honest.. I'm still a cat person) I'm sad to leave him next week because when I come back he won't be so little but I've been enjoying all the time that I do get to spend with him. (Pop bottles and squeaky toys are how we roll) His current favorite thing to do is terrorize the cats and eat all their food and give sass in the form of barks so that had been so much fun for everyone!

What have you been enjoying this month? Any awesome plans for September? Let me know in the comments below and as always.. Thanks for reading :)

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