My Summer Reading List

22 Jul 2015

I know I'm a little late on the summer reading train but with just over a month left to my summer break, I figured why not! I love reading what other people have been reading so today I'm going to share the list that I have been working through over the past few months. But before I get to that I would like to share a little story from the past that inspires me to keep reading even after all this time.

Reading has always played a huge role in my life, even from a young age. One might blame this on my mom, a teacher who loved books but one of my most favorite memories of my childhood was the Summer Reading Program that my local library put on throughout the summer. It's funny to think that my twin sister and I were more excited to do this over any other "normal" summer activities.The program also came with the promise of prizes and cake at the end of the summer, which I'm thinking was also a motivating factor in wanting to read. Free things!! What I find so interesting is that even at this age, I loved being able to escape reality and get lost in a great book. Call me a nerd but my favorite days were the ones where I got to return all of the books I had read and spend the afternoon looking for new ones. It's safe to say that I was well read at twelve years old.

Now that I'm in university reading purely for pleasure has become a bit of a foreign concept. I admit to trying to read the odd book in the bath without trying to drop it into the bubbles. However on the usual school day, I'm too busy drowning in homework to even think about reading anything else! When my school work calms down and summer break finally rolls around, the promise of more freedom to curl up and read more books sounds wonderful! The sun, a warm breeze, a cold drink and a great book? to quote Amy Poehler... Yes Please!

Pinterest has been my outlet for finding so many great recommendations, so I have compiled a small list of books that I want to read before summer comes to a close! I actually had to limit myself or else I wouldn't get anything done. I keep all my book pins on a board which you can check out here if you are interesting in finding some recommendations for your own summer reading lists! I'm guilty of getting ahead of myself so I've already started three out of four on my list and have zero complaints so far!

The first book that I'm excited to read is An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. It's been on my mental reading list for ages now so I figured I give it a try this summer. I'm a huge fan of John Green with The Fault in Our Stars being my all time favorite book. It's supposed to be very good so I'm looking forward finishing it! I'm about halfway through right now and love John's writing style so it's been a pleasure to read!

Second on my list is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I hadn't heard of this author before until it was mentioned on a blog written by somebody who attends my university. His whole post was very uplifting and definitely inspired me to pick up my own copy. I haven't gotten too far into the book but so far I've been hooked. I love that it's inspirational in the best of ways but never cheesy like some of those types of books can be. It's relatable, humorous and bound to leave a lasting smile on your face! I've been waiting for a spare moment to be able to sit down and start this book so being able to check it off my list will be wonderful!

I've also gotten half way through my third choice, The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. I've really been liking this pick! It's similar to the story of William and Kate if anybody is familiar but has twists and changes along the way to make it unique. I quickly fell in love with all the characters in chapter one, so much that I can't put this book down for the life of me. Its plotline has been humorous so far and I'm looking forward to seeing what else will happen as I keep reading.

The last book that I'm hoping to read before school gets started again is Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. This one was really popular when I was doing some research on books to read. I admit that one of the factors in choosing this book was how gorgeous the cover art was. Before you start throwing rotten things at me, I know that you're not supposed to do this but I'm guilty of loving books that are visually appealing. Of course, I take into account the story line when picking books out to read but I can't resist a good cover. I don't know too much about the story line but from what I read, it sounds very lovely!

What have you been reading this summer?

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